About Jack Ma Foundation


Who we are?

   Jack Ma Foundation is a charitable organization founded in 2014 by Jack Ma, Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.

   Registered in Zhejiang Province, the foundation’s aim is to promote human development in harmony with both society and the environment,while it’s mission is to work towards a world of bluer skies, cleaner water, healthier communities, and more open thinking.

   From education to environment, to public health and personnel development in philanthropic sector, the foundation intends to awaken social consciousness and responsibility to cultivate an innovative and sustainable model for a better world.


What we do?

   To implement projects more efficiently and to bring a long-lasting impact at its early stages, the foundation is currently  focused on program area of education, which includes three core-parts: the “Jack Ma Rural Teacher Initiative”, the “Jack Ma Rural Headmaster Initiative” and an “Education Network Platform” for all educators and students in China.


What’s the “Jack Ma Rural Teacher Initiative”?

   The “Jack Ma Rural Teacher Initiative”, dedicated to support China’s rural education, was formally launched on September, 2015. The initiative aims to find those rural teachers who help children grow up healthily and happily with dignity and great personality.

   The 100 rural teachers selected annually by the foundation are granted 100,000 yuan each (15,000 USD) to help benefit rural schools and students. Meanwhile, a three-year professional development plan are also provided to enhance their teaching skills.

   The current rural teacher project is operated in 13 provinces and regions mostly in western China, but is scheduled to be expanded nationwide from 2017.


What’s the “Jack Ma Rural Headmaster Initiative”?

   The “Jack Ma Rural Headmaster Initiative”is a newly introduced program aimed to promote leadership and management skills of headmasters in the country’s rural areas.

   The selected headmasters will be provided 500,000 yuan each, not for personal use, to help developing their specific educational plans, which are designed to influence thousands of rural teachers and students.

   According to the initiative, 20 headmasters will be selected across the country in 2016 and the foundation intends to send them overseas for educational exchanges with world-class schools, in order to bring them fresh professional ideas of international standards.


What’s the “Education Network Platform” designed for?

   Designed for all educators and students in China, the “Education Network Platform”relies on the internet to establish a self-managed online community and a channel for educational resources sharing.

   Through this unprecedented platform in China with self-improving opportunities, teachers, students and even their parents are able to share all kinds of information in the forum. Organizations looking to take part in the education business can also find school projects of their interests and provide help for those in need.

   From here, we make sure the community members lean on each other, learn from each other, and get stronger with each other.


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